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Additional to remaps


Enhance your driving experience with our function enable/disable services, seamlessly integrated as part of a remap at no extra charge or available as standalone options. Explore solutions for common issues or wanted features such as:

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Explore our emission control system removal solutions. While these modifications offer numerous benefits for the health and efficiency of your engine, customers must verify that these modifications comply with emissions regulations and other road safety standards in their country.

  • EGR Delete

  • ADBlue


The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system serves an important role in emissions reduction by recirculating exhaust gases. However, EGR systems have their drawbacks, particularly susceptibility to carbon buildup, especially in vehicles with higher mileage or subjected to excessive city driving. This buildup can lead to blockages in the EGR valve/cooler, resulting in diminished drivability, efficiency, and the potential for fault codes. Vehicle owners who choose to disable these systems would benefit from enhanced engine performance, quiter engine work, and improved fuel efficiency as a result.

AdBlue plays a critical role in reducing nitrogen oxide emissions in diesel engines through Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. While effective, AdBlue systems can add complexity and expense to vehicle ownership, requiring regular refilling and maintenance. Vehicle owners seeking to simplify their vehicle's operation, reduce maintenance costs or get rid of engine light related to malfunction of this system may choose to do an ADBlue software delete. By doing so, they can potentially improve fuel efficiency and avoid costly repairs. 

  • DPF/Catalytic converter delete

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and catalytic converter play crucial roles in emissions reduction in the modern engines. However, they pose their own set of challenges. These components are prone to clogging, particularly in vehicles with higher mileage or those subjected to frequent short trips. This not only leads to decreased engine performance but also poses a hazard to the engine and the turbocharging system due to the back-pressure formed by restricted exhaust flow. While it's generally advised to take diesel vehicles for regular motorway drives to mitigate these issues, this may not always suffice, depending on the extent of wear. In such cases, vehicle owners may choose to clean or remove these components at a garage mechanically before opting for a software modification. This approach can significantly enhance engine performance and longevity. However, it's crucial to be mindful of the legal and environmental implications associated with such modifications.

Unlock additional performance and customization with our range of remap add-ons. From pops and bangs and other exhaust effects to function disables (like swirl flaps, O2 delete), and DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) deletes for whenever you have issues with ghost codes or have any car component fixed or removed. However, compatibility may vary depending on your vehicle model or setup.

Reach out to us for personalized support and confirmation of compatibility!

Pops and bangs

V-Switch - Switchable remapping and diagnostic solution, offering a selection of up to 5 distinct drive settings to suit your preferences.This powerful device provides a gateway, allowing you to change your vehicle’s

performance in just 15 minutes! The list of drive settings to choose from:

  • Classic MeA very handy reset facility allows you to revert to the original vehicle factory settings whenever you need.

  • Eco Me - Up to 20% fuel saving is achievable (available on diesel engines only). Viezu’s Award-Winning BlueOptimize Fuel Saving Technology is installed on some of the UK’s largest fleets and now available in V-switch.

  •  Excite Me - A thoroughly exhilarating Performance DRIVE SETTING designed to unlock the full potential of your motor. Bhp and torque are upgrade, yielding a smoother and significantly faster motor.

  • Thrill Me - Track Day Drivers! This is a fun DRIVE Setting. It’s not for everyday use and if you are taking your car onto a track, make sure you have the appropriate insurance!

  • Park Me -  this DRIVE Setting is suitable only for low speeds and slow vehicle manoeuvres. It’s great for when your motor is in the hands of others.

  • Will my fuel consumption be affected?
    Remapping typically enhances fuel efficiency under normal driving conditions.
  • Is remapping bad for the engine?
    When performed by a qualified professional, remapping is not inherently bad for the engine. Our remapping process is designed to optimize engine performance within safe limits, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Can you perform EGR/DPF/ADBLUE deletes and other add-ons?
    Yes, we offer standalone EGR/DPF/ADBLUE deletes and other add-ons, which can also be included in the remap itself at no additional charge. It's essential to ensure compliance with local regulations and laws regarding vehicle emission. These modifications are intended for off-road use only and are installed at the driver's own risk.
  • Will remapping affect my warranty?
    Remapping your vehicle may void the manufacturer's warranty, as it involves modifying the engine's software, so it's advisable that you verify this with your dealership.
  • How does the DPF/Catalytic converter delete process work?
    The deletion process involves both mechanical and software adjustments. First, customers need to have the mechanical removal of these components performed by a trusted garage, followed by the mapping out process by our team to complete the modification.
  • Do I need to inform my insurance company?
    Although insurance providers are increasingly tolerant of remapping jobs, it's advisable to notify your insurance provider to prevent any violations of your policy terms.
  • Can you do diesel and petrol remapping?
    Yes, we offer remapping services for both diesel and petrol vehicles, both of which can provide similar benefits.
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